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Butt Stuff 2016 SuperPAC
BS16 Bumper StickerButt Stuff 2016 Bumper StickerimageButt Butt Stuff 2016 StickerButt StickerButt Stuff 2016Butt Stuff 2016 SuperPAC

Butt Stuff 2016 SuperPAC

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Support Butt Stuff 2016 with your own SuperPAC!

Get 8 stickers in the SuperPAC and spread your influence to others.

4  Butt Stuff 2016 Bumper Stickers plus 4 Butt Stuff 2016 Round Stickers.

Made in the USA with FREEDOM!

Bumper Stickers are 3″x 9″ and Round Stickers are 3″ x 3″ made of high quality high-gloss vinyl.



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Made in the USA

Thank you for supporting the Campaign with your Butt Stuff 2016 SuperPAC!

Spread the wonderful message of Butt Stuff wherever you go.

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1 review for Butt Stuff 2016 SuperPAC

  1. 5 out of 5


    It wasn’t until I saw the other candidates available that I knew ButtStuff was for me. I sat uncomfortably listening to these two boobs until I got ButtStuff’ed and now I sit with ease. As I listen to my radio driving in my car, a Trump or Hillary news flash comes on and I want to sink in my seat however ButtStuff makes my seat feel much better. Sure, I bent over in order to get my ButtStuff on my bumper, but my rear end has never looked better. Just when you think you fed up with these asses either with their shrill voice or boobastic rhetoric you’ll be beating fans off once you discover ButtStuff. So be sure to get your ButtStuff 2016, and you’ll feel like a new man has injected you with a magical serum of life!

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