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What is Butt Stuff 2016?

For equality. For acceptance. For alternative methods.

Our nation is currently in the midst of a progressive vortex. Evil is surrounding every city in this nation, but beautiful people like YOU help us rise above. Together we can end the hate, arguments, foul play and risky business. We can unite. We can unite today. We can unite together under Butt Stuff 2016.

Spread your love of Butt Stuff 2016 all over this great nation.
Here are areas we are currently penetrating:


We are officially inviting you to join our Campaign:

Butt Stuff is something everybody can really get behind. While the other parties bring up the rear, Butt Stuff 2016 is working to bring pleasure to YOU.

As of today we will immediately thrust into action and begin our campaign to fill America’s gaping hole.

Join Butt Stuff 2016 today.

tl;dr: #ButtStuff

We welcome your contributions to the Butt Stuff 2016 Super PAC.

Proceeds will go towards further penetration of Butt Stuff 2016 into this great nation.

Thank you for your support!

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